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Want to know what's happening next at PAC-MAN Entertainment?

You could use a DeLorean, a crystal ball or, if you graduated with honors from the Starfleet Academy, some good old-fashioned temporal mechanics to manipulate the space-time continuum. Or you could just check out this page every now and then.
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Give the gift of gaming! During the holiday season receive a 20% gift card back with a gift card purchase of $25 or more! 

**Limited time offer. 
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6, 5, 4, 3

The countdown starts with $6 shareables, $5 house wine, $4 drafts, AND $3 well drinks.

The menu is custom built for all the nom-nom-nomivores: mouth watering shareables like BRUSCHETTA, BBQ PULLED PORK NACOS, 5 CHEESE FLATBREAD & our HUMMUS PLATTER. 

Just grab your crew, and prepare to bals off into an after-work hangout of astronomical proportions. 

Happy weekdays 4-7PM.

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New Year's Eve is about to Blow Up

At PAC-MAN Entertainment, we celebrate New Year's by playing together through the Golden Years. All you have to do is gather your party, grab a champagne flute, fire up the lasers, and get ready for 2019 to light up the screen. 

Early Bird Package:
$25/person, 1.5 hours bowling, 2-hour game card, appetizers & soft drinks. 
Time Slots Available: 11:00am

Daytime Package:  $30/person, 1.5 hours bowling, 2-hour game card, appetizers & soft drinks. 
Time Slots Available: 3:00pm, 5:00pm, 7:00pm

Evening Package: $35/person, 1.5 hours bowling, 2-hour game card, appetizers, soft drinks, DJ and champagne toast for 11pm time slots . 
Time Slots Available: 9:00pm & 11:00pm

The DJ starts button-mashing jams at 8pm 

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Friday night just got turned up to 11 at PAC-MAN Entertainment. We're bringing in live music each and every Friday, starting at 8pm. Providing the perfect jams to jam buttons to, and the best beats as you beat the game.

Hey, even our bands need a holiday! But we're back jammin' after Christmas with;
12/28 Hi-Fi Superstar Unplugged - Covering decades of rock and pop with acoustical guitar keyboards and vocals.
12/31 7pm - Rock in the New Year with DJ Deja Vu

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New Name, Who Dis?

Level 257 is now PAC-MAN Entertainment.(New name, who dis?)
Don’t worry, every-thing’s fine with your ol’ pal PAC-MAN. Better than ever, really. 

You can now get into PAC-MAN Entertainment from the mall, through the door we put in the food court – it’s not like a maze or anything. Just follow the sound of awesome. 

We’re just getting back to what really matters: PAC-MAN (yours truly) and ENTERTAINMENT. Think of it as restarting the game, where we crank up the fun to 11, with over 130 games to explore.

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Sunday is Cheat Day

Get a FREE 1-HOUR GAME CARD with the purchase of any adult entrée. Because why press ↑↑↓↓←→←→B A START, when you can just have a mouth-watering meal?
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2.57 Tuesdays

Bowling & shoes just $2.57 per person per game!!

My life's mission isn't just chomplng power pellets or chasing ghost. It's getting people to play together again. 

That's why EVERY TUESDAY, bowling is just $2.57 per person- and yes, that includes the cost of shoes. 

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Presto chango! We have done a bit of redecorating. You'll love what we have done with the place! 

We've added more games which now have redemption ability. Allowing you to earn prizes just for playing awesome games. But why should the rewards stop there? Every Monday gaming is HALF off.

Play the games you love. Win the loot you crave. 
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